The elements in yoga - Fire - Agni

What words spark up when you think of fire?

Passion, heat, transformative, destructive, sacrificial, volatile, light, energy, desire, warmth.

Fire. The most exciting element.

The fire within us is burning all the time, but when was the last time you tended to yours? Is it raging or perhaps it needs a little more fuel.

Fire in nature is both generative and destructive. The sun - the huge ball of fire in the sky - is nature’s life line. Her heart beat. But for something that gives so much, it also has huge destructive power. So handle fire with care.

Fire transforms. Our seedling, our new thought or desire for some sort of change, needs warmth and light to flourish and to grow. We get this from fire. It’s the passion within us that drives us to try again even when we’ve fallen. It helps us realise our dharma, or our purpose. Once the idea is ignited, it brings light to darkness.

It’s the power within all of us to make a change, to ourselves, to others and to our environment, our world.

Big or small, a change has the potential to transform lives for the better.

Fire practice will generate some heat. We concentrate on the chest and the arms as we open up the flow of energy in the heart and small intestine meridians. Releasing blockages in these meridians can be intense and can bring up emotions. Especially as we explore the pericardium meridian, the muscle which protects the heart. When we open our hearts up, hidden feelings can rise to the surface, so be prepared to release old wounds, let go, and finally heal.