Yoga and the elements - Air - Vayu

What words float to mind when you think of air?

Dry, light, cool, changing, breeze, gentle, hurricanes, powerful, changing directions, spontaneity, movement.

Feel the air on your skin. Let it energise you.

Air is a playful and powerful element which can literally take your breath away. From a refreshing cool breeze on a hot summer's day to the big gulp of air you take after you’ve been swimming underwater, air is refreshing and it’s essential. It can bring huge relief but also bring disorder and chaos. The wind can change direction at any moment. Air moves freely, without constraints. This unpredictability can be unsettling, or it can be invigorating.

Breathe it in.

Breath is the focal point that will help any of your yoga practices. Breath is the focal point of living, afterall, what would happen if we just stopped breathing? We won’t go into detail in pranayama (breath work) now, but know your breath is always there to guide you. Tune in to how you breathe, on and off matt, observe and learn about yourself.

Breathe it out. Let go.

As you exhale, you release all in your body that you don’t need. This element focuses on elimination through the lungs and the large intestine. In air practice we embrace movement to help stimulate energy flow in these meridian channels. This will help release anything unwanted and create change by making room for fresh thinking.

Have you ever been called an ‘airhead’ or that you have ‘your head in the clouds’? Do you have a billion thoughts flying around in your mind, that sometimes leave you anxious or easily distracted? Get in tune with your air element and learn how to appreciate the qualities in yourself to let the negative thoughts float away and harbour your positive energy to inspire others.