Yoga and the elements - Earth - Prithvi

What words come to mind when you think about Earth?

Grounding, roots, growth, stability, mother nature, deep love, solidity, mountains, heavy, calm, dense, down to earth.

Everything starts with a seed.

A seed of an idea. A seed of a thought. A seed in the ground.

This seed needs to be in the right conditions for it to grow. To break free of its constraints and start to develop into something else. To transform. All 5 elements play their part in this growth and blossoming.

But let’s start at the beginning - the earth where we’ve planted our seed. The soil has all the right nutrients it needs to start its journey. The earth offers security and warmth. The earth is home. It’s where our seed spreads its roots and starts to build a strong foundation.

And so it is in yoga. Earth practice is all about stabilising, deepening our connection with that which grounds us. Spreading our roots. Finding our home.

The earth practice is a great place to return to again and again. It will always be there for you. It will leave you feeling more stabilised, grounded and at peace with yourself. Sometimes in our modern lives, we end up getting caught up with too many external stresses and influences. Should we go there, do that, think that, say this? It pulls us in all directions and we become lost. The earth element helps us find our way back home. To our centre.

What’s at your centre?

In earth practices we focus on the stomach and spleen meridians. Like the earth, these organs help nourish our bodies with the nutrients we need to thrive. The stomach stores the food and drink we consume ready to be transformed into energy, life, or prana. The spleen is responsible for transporting all these vital nutrients to every inch of your body. When the energy in these meridians is blocked or unbalanced, you may become anxious, forgetful, worried, lost in your thoughts, or clumsy in your actions. Or you could suffer from feeling stuck, frustrated and angry.

An earth practice is the perfect place to start practising yoga if you’re a beginner, building your foundations from the ground up. And if you’ve been practising for a while, it’s the perfect place to reconnect with your centre, blow the dust, and reconnect to your home.