Yoga and the elements - Space - Akash

What words arise when you think of space or ether?

Potential, possibilities, freedom, room to grow, expansion, limitlessness, vastness.

What if the possibilities were infinite?

Wide open spaces. Terrifying or liberating? We each have our own relationship with the element of space, but we all need space from time to time. Space to breathe, space to grow, space to let go.

Think of the night sky, thousands upon thousands of stars blinking up above us as we gaze into time that has already passed. Unfathomable isn’t it. And yet, this is what this element embodies. The unreachable, the ethereal, the impossible. Space is nothingness, and everything. With nothingness there is freedom for everything.

With space we look at the bits between. The silences between sounds. The spaces between your thoughts. The gaps, sometimes so small, they’re barely there. The pause just before the crest of a wave crashes down.

With space element there is unlimited freedom to explore. To go off into the void and discover more about who you really are, without the distractions and clutter of the mind.

Self doubt makes you physically shrink. Your shoulders hunch over as you try to protect your heart. Stand tall, broaden your shoulders and create space within your body, take up space in the world. What will you create with that new space?

Within space practice we energise the liver and gallbladder meridians. When there are problems in these areas we may feel like we can’t develop or grow, frustrated, with lack of direction and fear of the unknown.

Harness the power of space. Reveal in it. Explore it’s depths. Space is the place before it all happens. Space is now.